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  1. Electrolux EOU43003K

    Graded Electrolux EOU43003K


    • The Electrolux EOU43003K Double Oven comes in a sleek black colour
    • The EOU43003K has an efficient A/A energy rating
    • This Double Oven has a Electronic Programmable Timer and benefits from 8 functions
    • The EOU43003K main cavity capacity is 40 litres, which means this is ideal for smaller familie
    • This also benefits from having stay clean liners, where the Double Oven stay clean liners are activated by heat
    • To offer peace of mind the Electrolux EOU43003K built under Double Oven also comes with a 1 year warranty.
    • Please Note: This is a built under double oven and is designed to only go under a worktop.
    • Please Note:This may not be supplied with a cable as it requires hardwiring which will be provided by a registered electrician.
    Appliance Details>>>
  2. Electrolux EOC5651CAX

    Graded Electrolux EOC5651CAX

    Sale: £479.00

    Electrolux EOC5651CAX Built-in Electric Single Oven In Stainless Steel With Anti-fingerprint Coating Appliance Details>>>
  3. Electrolux EOD43103W

    New Electrolux EOD43103W

    Sale: £469.00

    Electrolux EOD43103W Inspire Multifunction Electric Buil In Double Oven in White Appliance Details>>>
  4. Electrolux ERG23610

    New Electrolux ERG23610

    Sale: £379.00

    Electrolux ERG23610 122cm Larder Integrated Fridge Appliance Details>>>
  5. Electrolux ERN1401AOW

    New Electrolux ERN1401AOW

    Sale: £249.00

    Electrolux ERN1401AOW 88x54cm In-column Integrated Fridge Appliance Details>>>
  6. Electrolux ERY1201FOW

    New Electrolux ERY1201FOW

    Sale: £299.00

    Electrolux ERY1201FOW integrated Fridge in White Appliance Details>>>
  7. Electrolux EUN1101AOW

    New Electrolux EUN1101AOW

    Sale: £269.00

    Electrolux EUN1101AOW In-column Integrated Freezer Appliance Details>>>
  8. Electrolux ERN28600

    Graded Electrolux ERN28600


    • The ERN28600 has an efficient A energy rating
    • This Fridge Freezer has a fridge capacity of 173 litres
    • The Fridge Freezer split is 50/50
    • To offer peace of mind the Electrolux ERN28600 built in-integrated Fridge Freezer also comes with a 1 year warranty
    • Please Note: This fridge freezer is slimmer than most, please check the width before you buy
    Appliance Details>>>



    The Electrolux EFG50021S Cooker Hood comes in a modern silver colour. The EFG50021S has 3 variable venting speeds. The EFG50021S slider controls are typically easy to use and to understand. It incorporates the choice to have recirculation or external venting. The Cooker Hood runs at 60 dB. The EFG50021S has 2 lights. To offer peace of mind the Electrolux EFG50021S built in-integrated Cooker Hood also comes with a 1 year warranty. Dimensions (cm): (H)20.4 (W)52.2 (D)28.4 Appliance Details>>>
  10. Electrolux EOB51001W

    Graded Electrolux EOB51001W


    Multifunction main oven technology delivers complete cooking flexibility to suite all your needs.

    Appliance Details>>>
  11. Electrolux EOB63000X ELEC

    Graded Electrolux EOB63000X ELEC


    • The Electrolux EOB63000X Single Oven comes in a contemporary stainless steel colour
    • The EOB63000X has an efficient A energy rating
    • This Single Oven has a Electronic Timer and benefits from 5 functions


    • The EOB63000X main cavity capacity is 51 litres , which means plenty of space to cook for larger families
    • To offer peace of mind the Electrolux EOB63000X built in-integrated Single Oven also comes with a 1 year warranty
    Appliance Details>>>
  12. Electrolux EOK66030X

    Graded Electrolux EOK66030X


    • Even with limited kitchen space, in small households or apartments, you can enjoy now the advantages of innovative built in appliances, thanks to the 38 cm built in height of the Compact range.
    Appliance Details>>>
  13. Electrolux EFC60001K

    Graded Electrolux EFC60001K

    Sale: £79.00

    Electrolux EFC60001K 60cm Chimney Style Cooker Hood in Black Appliance Details>>>
  14. Electrolux EGG7353NOX

    Graded Electrolux EGG7353NOX

    Sale: £279.00

    Electrolux EGG7353NOX Gas Hob in Stainless steel

    Appliance Details>>>
  15. Electrolux EFC60151K

    New Electrolux EFC60151K

    Sale: £79.00

    EFC60151K Electrolux 60cm wide, chimney hood with slider control for 3 motor speeds, washable aluminium grease filter and one 28watt light. Max air extraction 430m3/h - Black Appliance Details>>>

Items 1 to 15 of 24 total

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