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  1. BOSCH SGS45C12 Dishwasher

    Graded BOSCH SGS45C12

    Sale: £289.00

    Bosch Classixx full-sized dishwasher A rated energy efficiency and wash performance grade. Features 12 place settings and 4 different programmes to suit individual needs. 12 place settings,3 wash temperatures for different washing needs,13 litres normal water consumption. Appliance Details>>>
  2. DC122W (PR-352)

    Graded DC122W (PR-352)

    Sale: £199.00

    BRAND NEW GRADED SMEG DC122W WHITE DISHWASHER (PR-352) RRP £399 Appliance Details>>>
  3. Smeg DF6FABR1 50's Style Retro Dishwasher Red

    New Smeg DF6FABR1

    Sale: £629.00

    50's Style Retro Dishwasher in Red Green A++ Energay Class DF6FABR1 Appliance Details>>>
  4. John Lewis JLDW1221 Dishwasher

    Graded JLDW1221 (PY-266)

    Sale: £249.00

    John Lewis JLDW1221 Dishwasher, White

    Appliance Details>>>
  5. Smeg DF612WD White 60cm AAA Rated Dishwasher

    New EOL Smeg DF612WD

    Sale: £259.00

    60cm Free Standing 'AAA' Rated Smeg Dishwasher DF612WD in White Appliance Details>>>
  6. Smeg DF6FABNE Black 50's Style Retro Dishwasher

    New EOL Smeg DF6FABNE

    Sale: £529.00

    Black 50's Style Smeg Retro 50's Style Dishwasher DF6FABNE Appliance Details>>>
  7. Smeg DFD6121W Dishwasher in white

    New EOL Smeg DFD6121W

    Sale: £219.00

    60 cm Smeg DFD6121W Dishwasher in White with A Energy Rating Appliance Details>>>
  8. F45010W0

    Graded F45010W0

    Sale: £299.00

    AEG F45010W0 Full Size 12 Place Freestanding Dishwasher Appliance Details>>>
  9. SN26T296GB (B-046)

    Ex-Display SN26T296GB (B-046)

    Sale: £469.00

    Siemens SN26T296GB iQ500 14 Place Freestanding Dishwasher in White Appliance Details>>>
  10. SMS40T42UK (B-250)

    Graded SMS40T42UK (B-250)

    Sale: £249.00

    Bosch SMS40T42UK ActiveWater 12 Place Freestanding Dishwasher - White Appliance Details>>>
  11. Bosch SMS69L32GB Dishwasher

    Graded SMS69L32GB (B-251)

    Sale: £399.00

    Bosch SMS69L32GB ActiveWater 60 Dishwasher Appliance Details>>>
  12. SPS53E12 (B-254)

    Graded SPS53E12 (B-254)

    Sale: £289.00

    BOSCH DISHWASHER SPS53E12 Appliance Details>>>
  13. F77000WOP

    Graded F77000WOP

    Sale: £349.00

    AEG 12 Place Dishwasher F77000WOP A+ Rated Appliance Details>>>
  14. F99009WOP

    Graded F99009WOP

    Sale: £629.00

    AEG F99009WOP Full Size Dishwasher in White Appliance Details>>>
  15. SMS58T02GB (B-174)

    Graded SMS58T02GB (B-174)

    Sale: £329.00

    Out of stock

    Bosch 60 cm Dishwasher - SMS58T02 Appliance Details>>>

Items 1 to 15 of 57 total

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