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  1. AEG SK788004I

    Graded AEG SK788004I


    • AEG In Column Integrated Larder Refrigerator
    Appliance Details>>>
  2. Bosch KIV32A50

    Graded Bosch KIV32A50

    Sale: £479.00

    • The Bosch Exxcel KIV32A50GB Integrated Fridge Freezer is a roomy, high-quality fridge-freezer for kitchens with built-in appliances
    • With its 50/50 door split and refrigerator positioned above the freezer, it's perfect for households that need plenty of fresh and frozen food storage space
    Appliance Details>>>
  3. Electrolux ERN28600

    Graded Electrolux ERN28600


    • The ERN28600 has an efficient A energy rating
    • This Fridge Freezer has a fridge capacity of 173 litres
    • The Fridge Freezer split is 50/50
    • To offer peace of mind the Electrolux ERN28600 built in-integrated Fridge Freezer also comes with a 1 year warranty
    • Please Note: This fridge freezer is slimmer than most, please check the width before you buy
    Appliance Details>>>
  4. CDA MF004IN

    New CDA MF004IN

    Sale: £329.00

    MF004IN Matrix 70-30 Integrated Fridge Freezer

    Appliance Details>>>
  5. CDA FW380

    Graded CDA FW380


    CDA FW380 - Integrated Under Counter Freezer Appliance Details>>>
  6. CDA FW320

    Graded CDA FW320


    Cda FW320 Built Under Larder Fridge A Rating

    Appliance Details>>>
  7. CDA FW480

    New CDA FW480


    88cm Integrated In Column Freezer

    Appliance Details>>>
  8. Neff G5624X

    Graded Neff G5624X

    Sale: £299.00

    Neff Series 3 A+ Rated In Column Integrated Freezer with 4* Freezing Appliance Details>>>
  9. Electrolux ERN16310

    Graded Electrolux ERN16310

    Sale: £249.00

    Electrolux ERN16310 In-column Larder Integrated Fridge Appliance Details>>>
  10. Fridgemaster MTBZ102

    New Fridgemaster MTBZ102

    Sale: £229.00

    Fridgemaster MTBZ102 Freezer Appliance Details>>>
  11. Smeg FR132AP Under Counter Integrated Fridge

    Graded Smeg FR132AP (PR-586)

    Sale: £249.00

    Under-worktop Larder Refrigerator with Ice-box Energy efficiency class: A+ Appliance Details>>>
  12. GE ZSEB420DY

    New GE ZSEB420DY

    Sale: £2,799.00

  13. /

    Ex-Display De-Dietrich DRS1337I (NU-32)

    Sale: £449.00


    350 Litre Hybrid 60cm Wide Integrated Larder Fridge

    Appliance Details>>>
  14. Siemens KI32VA50GB

    Graded Siemens KI32VA50GB

    Sale: £499.00

    SIEMENS KI32VA50GB iQ300 177cm Built-in Fridge Freezer Appliance Details>>>
  15. Siemens KI86SAF30G B-327

    Graded Siemens KI86SAF30G B-327

    Sale: £549.00

    Siemens KI86SAF30G integrated Fridge Freezer Appliance Details>>>

Items 1 to 15 of 81 total

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