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Bosch Appliance Outlet

Bosch is one of the largest and best brands the world over and with the Applaince depot, we are aboe to bring you the highest quality ex demo / ex display bosch products for immediate delivery. The best of both world, with German engineering and reliability along with appliances with true style and good looks.

Bosch Outlet Store

Bosch Ex-display & Graded Appliances Online Outlet Store

  Here at the Appliance Depot we have become one of the UK's leading online outlet of graded Bosch appliances. View our vast stock of Bosch graded appliances online, ready for immediate dispatch delivered to your door nationwide.


Why Buy Bosch Graded

So why buy a graded or ex-display Bosch appliance rather than a new Bosch appliance. It’s a no brainer; you can save by buying graded appliances.


Ok So What Does Graded Appliances Mean

Most of our Bosch graded stock has only minor blemishes or light cosmetic marks usually to the sides, top or rear of the appliance where it will not be seen once installed. So get ready to save on our large stocks of Bosch graded appliances ……