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  1. Maytag MDE2441AG Tumble Dryer

    New Maytag MDE2441AGW

    Sale: £225.00

    Maytag Vented Tumble Dryer

    Appliance Details>>>
  2. SMEG WDF16BA1 White Washer Dryer, Variable 1600 spin speed

    New EOL Smeg WDF16BA1

    Sale: £349.00

    1600 spin Washer Dryer
    Wash Load Capacity - 5kg
    Drying Capacity
    2.5kg Ratings
    A Energy B Wash
    Wash Controls Variable Spin & Temperature
    Dimensions - H: 850mm W: 600mm D: 540mm Appliance Details>>>
  3. Indesit IWDE126UK

    New Indesit IWDE126UK

    Sale: £449.00

    Indesit IWDE126UK Built In Washer Dryer Appliance Details>>>
  4. Candy GOC58F-80 Tumble Dryer

    Graded Candy GOC58F-80

    Sale: £199.00

    8kg Load Condenser Tumble Dryer Appliance Details>>>
  5. Bosch WKD28350GB White 7kg Wash 4kg Dry Freestanding Washer Dryer

    Graded Siemens WKD28350GB (B-1058)

    Sale: £649.00

    Bosch Serie | 4 WKD28350GB Maxx Automatic washer dryer

    With AutoDry: reliably washes your laundry and gently dries it to exactly the degree of dryness you want. Appliance Details>>>
  6. Neff V6320X0GB Built In Integrated Washer Dryer - White

    Graded Neff V6320X0GBB (B-1245)

    Sale: £719.00

    Neff Series 4 V6320X0GB Built In Washer Dryer - White Appliance Details>>>
  7. Siemens WT48Y700GB 8kg Condenser Tumble Dryer

    Graded Siemens WT48Y700GB (B-1363)

    Sale: £679.00

    iQ500 WT48Y700GB Siemens 8kg Condenser tumble dryer with heat pump

    Cleaning the condenser becomes obsolete and energy consumption remains constantly low thanks to the self-cleaning system.
    TFT display for an easier programme navigation and ease of use.
    Sensor-controlled autoDry technology delivers perfectly dried laundry. Appliance Details>>>
  8. Siemens WM12P360 IQ-300

    Graded Siemens WM12P360 IQ-300

    Sale: £359.00

    Siemens 1200 spin washing machine in white

    Appliance Details>>>
  9. Siemens WM14P360 Washing Machine

    Graded Siemens WM14P360

    Sale: £359.00

    • Siemens 1400 spin 
    • 8kg wash load
    • LCD screen
    Appliance Details>>>
  10. SIEMENS WM14S493

    Graded SIEMENS WM14S493

    Sale: £399.00

    1400 rpm Washing Machine Appliance Details>>>
  11. SIEMENS WM14S494, IQ-500

    Graded SIEMENS WM14S494, IQ-500

    Sale: £399.00

    Unlike some machines, the WM14S494GB cleans equally well whether you’re washing cottons or synthetics, and the large drum means that you can get plenty of laundry done in one go. The 40° cotton program breezes through an 8kg load of cottons in just 138 minutes, which is very quick. Rinsing isn’t bad, and there’s an extra rinse setting for those who need to take extra care with sensitive skin. The machine has a powerful 1,400rpm spin that’s effective without being too noisy, and the speed can be reduced to prevent creases. Energy and water efficiency are good, and the 40° cotton wash uses very little water, so it won’t break the bank if you have a meter. The large digital display counts down the time remaining so you’ll know exactly how long is left until the cycle is complete, and an audible signal reminds you when it’s finished. There’s also a 24 hour delayed start, so you can set this one in advance to fit your laundry around your busy lifestyle. The detergent dispenser slides out smoothly and is easy to clean, and the filter is readily accessible, so the WM14S494GB is very user friendly. Dimensions 60cm Wide Appliance Details>>>
  12. Siemens WM16S383

    Graded Siemens WM16S383


    • Front Loading White Siemens WM16S383 IQ-300
    • 15 programmes
    • Maximum speed of 1600 rpm
    Appliance Details>>>
  13. Maytag MAH2441AGH

    New Maytag MAH2441AGH

    Sale: £279.00

    Front Loading, 6kg capacity washing machine

    Appliance Details>>>
  14. CDA CI320WH Washing Machine

    Graded CDA CI320WH (JC-60)

    Sale: £179.00

    CDA CI230WH 6kg Freestanding Washing Machine in White Appliance Details>>>
  15. Samsha SMWM2BL

    New Samsha SMWM2BL


    SMWM2BL 1000rpm 5kg Gloss Black Washing Machine

    Appliance Details>>>

Items 1 to 15 of 70 total

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