Induction Cookers

Ex-Display & Graded Freestanding Induction Cookers

The best of both worlds, freestanding induction cookers offer both responsive heating and easy, hassle-free cleaning. An increasing favourite for kitchens, choose from a wide range of brand new, graded and ex-display induction cookers at The Appliance Depot. You can save hundreds on some of the top models, from brands such as Smeg and CDA

Fast Heating for Busy Cooks

Induction cookers offer rapid heating, perfect for when you don’t have time to wait around. Induction hobs can boil water faster than a kettle. Not only that, but induction heat keeps the temperature consistent, creating an even heat, which is essential for successful cooking. Preparing meals is faster and much more efficient.

Great for large families, induction cookers offer tons of space for preparing large meals. With a top and bottom oven, you won’t need to worry about shelf space, and can get everything done in one go. 

Reduces Energy Consumption

Induction heating is also highly energy-efficient, meaning you’ll use less energy to prepare your family’s favourite dishes and save money on your energy bills. With an easy to clean surface, you’ll also save yourself time and energy cleaning up spills, with no burnt-on stains. Just a simple wipe clean is all that’s needed. 

Advanced Control

With induction cookers, you have precise control over how your food cooks. The easy to use touchscreen control offers different settings to help you find the optimum cooking conditions for your meals. With induction cookers offering intelligent cooking solutions, overcooked or burnt food is a thing of the past. 

An induction cooker will revolutionise your cooking routine. The advanced technology, combined with a sleek, minimalist design that looks great and is easy to use makes for an appliance that is a real must-have for your kitchen. Get yours today with The Appliance Depot.